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Diesel Fuel Injector 1286601 Fuel Injector for C9 engine

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Diesel Fuel Injector 1286601 Fuel Injector for C9 engine

China Lutong Parts Plant

#Diesel Fuel Injector 1286601 Fuel Injector for C9 engine#
#Diesel Fuel Injector 1286601#
#Fuel Injector for C9 engine#
#Diesel Fuel Injector 1286601 & Fuel Injector for C9 engine#

#Welcome to china lutong,we have Diesel Fuel Injector 1286601 Fuel Injector for C9 engine with factory price and good quality.

While each is unique, all the hundreds of compounds that make up gasoline have one thing in common-they are all hydrocarbons. That is, they are all made of just two kinds of atoms, hydrogen (H) and carbon (C). The difference between one of these hydrocarbons and another lies in either the number of hydrogen and carbon atoms, or in the way in which these two component elements are arranged, or both. Now, burning is a process of oxidation-a combining with oxygen (O)-so, reduced to its basics, when a hydrocarbon fuel like gasoline burns, individual hydrocarbon molecules from the gasoline combine with individual molecules of oxygen from the air. The hydrogen (H) in the hydrocarbon combines with some of the oxygen (0) in the air to produce water (H2O), while the carbon (C) in the hydrocarbon combines with the rest of the oxygen to form carbon dioxide (CO2)' In this process, a large amount of energy gets released, in the form of heat. This chemical dance amounts basically to a reversal of the processes that went into creating the hydrocarbons in the first place. See the box, "Sunlight by the Gallon." Air, too, is a mixture of substances, although all of them are gasses at room temperature. About 78 percent of our atmosphere is nitrogen (N); only about 21 percent of it is oxygen. The remaining one percent or so is made up of several rare gasses, like neon and argon, plus CO2 and water vapor. The chemical reaction of burning gasoline-especially inside the cylinders of an operating gasoline engine-is further complicated by the presence of these other elements, and particularly the nitrogen. Nitrogen is a comparatively inert substance-it does not readily react with anything much, so in a simplified description of the burning of gasoline in air, the nitrogen is ignored, on the assumption that it passes right through the whole operation unchanged. In fact, that is not quite true. Exposed to the enormous temperatures and pressures in the combustion chamber of an engine, a little of the nitrogen does end up2 combining with some of the oxygen, forming various oxides of nitrogen- NO2, NO3 and so on-known collectively as NOx. While for most purposes the minor involvement of the nitrogen does not make much difference, these nitrogen oxides are air pollutants. Thus, while the idea of "burning" a fuel seems a simple business, here is just one factor that begins to reveal that it is somewhat more subtle and complex than it at fIrst appears.



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