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fit for Caterpillar Diesel Fuel Injector 20R-8070

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fit for Caterpillar Diesel Fuel Injector 20R-8070
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Even on a well-maintained truck, hundreds of thousands of miles on the precision surfaces inside diesel injector nozzles can add up. Microscopic particulates can score the seating surfaces inside the injector body, compromising the seal and causing leaks. Similarly, the injector nozzle tip is exposed to the inside the engine where it sees extreme heat cycling and the products of combustion. When the tiny passages within the nozzle are compromised it results in a loss of power, poor running, increased crank times, and excessive fuel consumption.

To find replacement or upgraded injector nozzles for your Caterpillar, MAN, Cummins, Perkins, VOLVO, SCAIA or Mitsubishi diesel engine, at China-Lutong Diesel you’ll find the very best diesel fuel system components. And if you need assistance choosing the right injector nozzles for your application,


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