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Bad battery, logic board, or something else?

Bad battery, logic board, or something else?

I didn't notice any precursor trouble before one day, I couldn't turn my iPod on. It's an 80GB iPod Video with original parts.


CamMendoza, since it is an iPod "with original parts" the first thing I would suggest is that you change the battery. The error is most likely caused by the battery being at the end of it's life cycle. Reevaluate for any errors after you do that. The battery exchange will also offer you a known good starting point. It is not very expensive, nor is it very complicated. Just watch the clip that holds the battery cable to the logic board. It does have the tendency of breaking of the logic board. Use a paper clip bend into an L-Shape to pull the clip up. The guides for the repair of your iPod can be found right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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