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Beats studio 2.0 Headphones are not turning off

Beats studio 2.0 Headphones are not turning off
I have had my Studio Headphones for a long time, and they never had a problem. Today, I used them for 2 hours, they worked perfectly. They had low battery life so I plugged them in, but then after 30 minutes I noticed that red light was still on even when they were supposed to be charging (white lights). I unplugged them and the red light didn't go off. I tried to reset them but it wont work, and as far as I know the updater only works for the wireless version. There are red and white lights blinking, it's all crazy. Anyone have an idea on what the problem is?


I have got the same problem and, unfortunately, resetting it won't fix the problem. I think its water damaged as I have been using them in the gym every day during my workouts and sometimes out in the rain too. The only possible way to turn it off is by holding the power button and mute button together for like 10 seconds, when you leave the buttons it will again start blinking, now you press the power button 1-2 times and the headphones should be off now. Works for me and do remember to remove the AUX cable before doing anything.
I have the Studio 2.0 wireless beats and when I plug the charger into it the white lights come on and then that's it, I've tried to reset it and nothing. I've used them in the gym and sweated in them but I can't get anything from them. Any tips on what I can do?
im so grateful for you all answers i had the same problem and i was freaking out!
I have problem with my studio 2.0 wired is working for a minte or more and then stop...I try to reset and samething .....
Hi there, I have the same problem but mine isn’t turning back on. I’ve tried to hold the button down and reset it and it won’t do anything. Does anybody know how you can help me out.

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