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broken COWIN Bluetooth Headphones.

broken COWIN Bluetooth Headphones.
I broke the left side under the part that you extended it.



Same happened to me yesterday. Bought it on Amazon.

They have a 18-month warranty, so I just sent them an email and they will send me a new pair."
Pour me i bot them last month and i receive them last week . I got them broke like youre headphone but amazon doesn’t want to give another pair of headphone so i just put tape on my and they perfecly work
I just used Grella glue.
i used thread seal tape and worked fine for two weeks
After contacting Cowin’s Customer Service Dept. 3 times, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took a medium binder clip and attached the headpiece to the earpiece. It’s a tight fit but it works! Only thing is you won’t be able to swivel the earpiece. But it’s still better than having to wait for Cowin to respond.

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