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Door will not open after pushing door button

Door will not open after pushing door button

Microwave door will not open after pushing door button



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Our 2 year old Whirlpool stainless steel microwave finally quit opening with the push button. After pushing the button and opposite end at the same time to open it for a few months my husband had the bright idea to simply open the door and push down on the top edge of the door closest to the button. Miraculously it began opening with the button!!! Haven't had an issue with it for several weeks and will be trying this should it happen again. Worth a try ;)

According to GE when I called there are no replacement parts available for the WES1452SP1SS models. Your only choice is to buy a new microwave. Mine failed after 13 months use - great design huh?

I recommend going through the manual (if you still have the manual) and trying to find information about your model. My model is DMT2420. If you can get the microwave open I would advise to inspect the door latch.

"I will be 90 in March. A widow. So, when my microwave open button did not open the door, I was puzzled.

Came to this site for help. Sounds like some catch is broken. How did that happen? I am extremely careful

of my appliances, etc., - I wonder if I should just replace it? KitchenAid #104something. Actually, I JUST NOW

pulled down on the door next to that latch, and PRESTO IT OPENED …..I had just read someone suggested doing

that. THANK YOU."

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