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Dropped in water. Screen says "please wait, Low battery.

Dropped in water. Screen says "please wait, Low battery.

Followed your instructions and replaced with your new battery. Still get the same message. "Please wait, low battery.


The Thirsty Bag may be useful for you in this situation. The bag will suck out the moisture from the iPod. However, like oldturkey said, you may have a damaged logic board that needs to be replaced.

Did you clean your iPod? Use this guide Electronics Water Damage as a starting point. Make sure that you connector on the logic board is properly seated and that the battery cable is properly inserted. Does iTunes or your computer recognize your iPod? Worst case scenario is that your logic board has a damaged charging circuit. this would lead to a logic board replacement.

the battery has fryed just resolder new one if that dont work call apple?

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