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Dryer has power,but will not work.

Dryer has power,but will not work.

Dryer had a tennis shoe jam in tub, wife got out and tried to turn on again,but it just says check lint screen, and beeps one time. Power is there, inside light lights up when door is opened, and the control panel lights up when cycles buttons are pushed. There is no sound at all,no belt broke. any suggestions?


"Harry Jones, There are a few things that could cause this. Any of these:


Thermal fuse (key#59)

Push to Start Switch

Door Switch

Lack of proper voltage (220 volts is required)

could qualify. So not knowing what your comfort level is with checking those, I suggest to download the service manual from here. If the console lights up properly, I recommend that you check the door switch using the diagnostic test procedure that is shown in the manual. If the door switch is bad, the dryer will not start. If the door switch is okay, you may need to check that dryer belt. The motor will not run if the belt is broken. One of the important parts here is the jammed tennis show. It is possible that you do have a broken belt.. Start with the easy things first. Hope this helps, good luck."

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