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Element Roku TV has backlight and sounds but no picture.

Element Roku TV has backlight and sounds but no picture.

I have a 65” Element Roku Tv E4SW6518RKU, that went black screen on us the other day and we have had no luck repairing it. The screen is black, but the backlights and audio are working fine. I have done the flashlight test and the backlights are fine. I have already replaced the Tcon board and the main board with replacements from eBay but have no idea how to test them to see if the new boards are even functional as they have not solved the problem. I have a multimeter and a kit to solder with if need be, but have no experience at all with the multimeter. I have tried the Roku device “remote reset” where you press a combination of buttons to restart the tv. I have unplugged and held the power button, Pressed the reset button on the tv etc. I am at the end of the line with what I can think of to do. If  anyone could give and tips or advice on what to do next I would really appreciate it. It would be great to save this tv! Just a note: I know the top ribbon cable on the tcon board looks like it is not seated properly but it is definitely in there, I think the black line on the cable is just printed incorrectly. Thanks in advance!!


"Hi @zjones16

The lower cable connection from the tab board to the screen as seen in your image looks strange as compared to the top one. (board between the tcon board and the screen). Is this the connection you referred to?

It's like something has moved and is no longer applying pressure to the cable connection of the tab board but maybe it’s just the angle I’m seeing it at. Be careful if you touch it as the screen connections are quite fragile. Be gentle

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Other than that, as the backlights are working as is the audio and also that the mainboard appears to be responding to the remote controls and the other controls perhaps try replacing the tcon board and check. Try sourcing a replacement board from a supplier that has a no questions asked returns policy in case it isn’t the problem"

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