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Error during restore now my Mac wont' read my iPod?

Error during restore now my Mac wont' read my iPod?

I bought a used ipod with the smiley face problem. I was thinking of upgrading to one of the 240gb drives to begin with but tttempted to do a restore by forcing it into Disk to see if I could get it to work in the meantine.


In order to tell if your hard drive is bad you can go to diagnostic mode. To do that press and hold the center button and the menu button for about 5 the ipod will reboot and then press the back and center button to enter diagnostic mode. Press menu and find SMRT DAT . When you are in the SMRT DAT(SMART DATA) menu you will see Retracts, Reallocs and Pending. The number of Reallocs and Pending should be Zero. If it is not zero you have a bad hard drive also on the Retracts typically any number is ok but if it is over 250 i would just make sure that the HDD still sounds good while spinning. Also if is comes up blank in the SMRT DAT it either need a new HDD cable or the cable reconnected. If it says not supported it is most likely a bad HDD. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I work for bestbuy as an ipod technician.

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