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F40 code flashing on Kenmore elite oasis

F40 code flashing on Kenmore elite oasis

My kenmore dryer started flashing F40. I researched the issue and was led to checking the m2 connector(which has a reading of 56.9 ohms) and checking both the thermal fuse and thermistor(both have been replaced) but nothing has fixed the problem..what now?


I had this same problem. Turns out it was caused by a bad relay on the main control board. It was getting hot and had melted the solder away from one of it's connection pins on the board. You can only see this by taking the board out of the housing to see the back side. A new relay is a super simple fix and you can buy a new one on Amazon for around $10. There are several good videos on YouTube that talk about the problem and show the fix. Research the code F 01 as that is often the actual problem but because of the lose of power from the relay to the motor control board it will often code an F 40 and send you looking in the wrong place.

"This can be caused by a loose wiring connection blown thermal fuse on the dryer, as well as a bad thermistor that is causing the dryer to overheat.

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