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Fixing no sound in one speaker on blueooth

Fixing no sound in one speaker on blueooth

I am having issues issues with the right side of my Beats solo3 wireless headphones. On bluetooth no audio comes out from the right side and the right side will only work if i jiggle the left side. Both sides work fine when using the aux cable for wired setup. What could be the issue?


Plug in your auxiliary cord to your headphones to device, play some music, and if it works like that than take the auxiliary cord back out, turn on blutooth and both will start working again.

If anyone is still having this problem I was able to fix my Beats Solo 3 Wireless issue with no sound on one speaker on bluetooth after I followed the instructions on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypDTpO_...

It could be a loose or damaged connection, would have to disassemble and inspect to determine the correct issue.

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