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found this part melted but don’t know what it is

found this part melted but don’t know what it is

"Hi @oldturkey03 ,

I think that she means that it ran OK when on the ""floor"". but it was dropped when mounting it above the washer.

Sounds like a loose connection or perhaps the drum has become jammed somehow and cannot rotate.

Melanie Walsh,

Disconnect the power from the dryer and check if the drum rotates by hand.

If it doesn't you need to check if the drum is still supported properly by the 2 drum glides at the front of the drum and the drum support bearing at the back.

I know that you said that the motor is not turning on but can you hear if the motor is trying to turn on (humming or buzzing sound) at all?

If you can't hear the motor at all then the connections from the control panel to the motor need to be checked to see if anything was jarred loose e.g. door switch

Here's a link to the wiring diagram for the dryer which may be of some help if you have to check out the wiring."

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