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Gen 3 firewire iPod not recognized anymore?

Gen 3 firewire iPod not recognized anymore?
So, I pulled the old Gen 3 Ipod out the other day. Used the docking station to charge it up. Works fine, but when I plug it into my Macbook running the latest version of Itunes, it doesn't come up anymore. I tried my GF's old MBP with 10.4 and itunes didn't see it there either... Has Apple stopped support for these devices?


"I had the same problem with mine! So, I booted it up in Disk Mode and it was recognized. If that doesn't work, you may try reformatting in Disk Utility (Which is an app on your Mac in your Utilities folder) and booting it into disk mode. If that doesn't work, try ejecting and reconnecting it a few times. One last thing you could try is - while it's plugged in, lightly knock it against your hand on the left side of the iPod. I've found that this helps when mine is stuck.

How to boot into Disk Mode: support.apple/kb/HT1363"
Yes, it's getting old.
try to boot it into disk mode, do this by turning it on and holding "Menu" and the center button simultaneously, and than. like the other responses, restore it, and try it, if it doesn't show up, while in disk mode, check if the computer recognizes it at all, it it doesn't, try another cable, if not, than it might be dead, try it on a different computer.
I use one on my iBook G3, and it always pops up. And I have Mac 10.4.11. So it must be your iPod..
This is more of a question. I have one of those older ipods but a very new mac pro computer that has firewire 800 connectors that the original firewire cable that i got with the ipod. Anyone have a solution?

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