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HDMI ports on the back of the TV have pushed in!

HDMI ports on the back of the TV have pushed in!



"Hi Paul,

So I would simply take the TV apart. Then you can look at the mainboard and see if it needs to be replaced. I am going to assume it does BUT it may not and the mounting bracket could have just come loose.

This is where the mainboard should be on your TV if you provided the correct information. Outlined in orange.

This is an image of where you will find the label for the MAINBOARD part number a simple google for this and you should find it pretty easy and cheap. It is not that uncommon for this to hapce. Outlined in Orange.

Some sidenotes it do not rest your hands on anything inside the TV as you may cause damage to your set. Also, wear gloves if possible (latex) this will aid in keep oils/moisture from your skin getting on components.

Hopefully you just need to reattach the plate.

Best of luck, hope this helps."

your best bet is to open the TV and see what has come loose. if you lucky it is either a metal casing soldered to the PCB or a plastic casing thats broken. If this is the case and you are capable you can solder it back onto the board or glue plastic casing. Just take care that you dont induce any static into the board as you could blow some of the LSI chips on the board. then reverse the order you took it apart. Best if you strip, take a photo every step of the way so you dont end up with spares once you have closed up again. Good Luck

i had the same issue i ended up with a new main board

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