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How can I give feedback to one of your guides?

How can I give feedback to one of your guides?
replacing battery in a 20G ipod, your guide says nothing about how extremely fragile the hair-thin pins are in the internal headphone jack plug to the circuit board! Thus they bent over when trying to re-attach them, resulting in my having to buy a new (used) ipod to replace my friend's now unusable ipod.


loujudson, there are a few things you could do. One of them would be to leave a comment that attaches to the particular guide. The comments are always helpful because they reflect the opinion and experience of others that have worked on that device. Just click on the bubble to the right of the word "Comment" on the bottom of the page. The other great thing is that the guides are editable. Above the image of the device, you must have noticed the "View" "Edit" and "History" link. If you click on edit, you can actually change whatever is wrong. I prefer to not use that because of the potential impact on the whole content of the guide, but at least it is there. I recommend leaving comments for others to read. Hope this helps, good luck.

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