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How to fix power to Bose QC2 headphones

How to fix power to Bose QC2 headphones
I have tested and replaced batteries in my quiet comfort 2 headphones to no avail. the red power light does not come on and not a hint of sound, static or owtherwise. bose wants $100 to fix them and not only no way but now way in the world. and hints?


One thing you may want to check is the contact points both on the headphones and the batteries. I had a friend who used these for jogging and would sweat profusely. He brought them to me with the same problem you describe. After cleaning the contact points with an eraser and some alcohol on a swab, the headphones worked fine.
"I figured out what the problem was for my QC-15 Headphones not powering up. Its definitly a design defect with this model. The problem is that the wire that runs from the battery compartment to the negative post on the door/hinge has a fatigue failure problem. Through many repetitions of opening and closing the door to change the battery you inadvertently cause the wire to snap, very similar to how a paper clip breaks when you bend it back and forth a bunch of times. The wire is pretty hard to see too because they have it pretty well hidden on the little hinged cover and it dissappears into the headphones maybe 3/4"" down from the edge of the hinge. You really have to look to see it.

What really gets my goat here is that it seems that quite a few people are experiencing an issue where the unit just fails to power up all of a sudden and end up sending the unit back to Bose for close to $100 for a ""replacement"". That is just plain old robbery for an almost built in failure point on a pretty expensive pair of headphones. When they get your headphones in they replace one tiny wire and then ship them to the next customer for another hundred dollars. Its insane.

The only reason I found it was that it happened right after i changed the battery which got me thinking about what could have possibly happened just from changing the battery. SO check the negative post wire to see if its broken. Also its worth mentioning that the wire could be intact and still broken internally. Mine was just snapped right in half though."
Fixed my my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 that would not power up! Fortunate because the battery wire broke at the solder point on the battery door. Did not need to disassemble anything, just wiggled the door loose. Removed 1" insulation from a piece of junk wire, twisted the strands. Soldered, not to the door, but to the base of the spring. Then re-installed door, trimmed wire to about 5/8", crimped it to the end of broken one and soldered that. No need for any insulation, here. Difficult to get door closed but WORKS - at least until the next battery. I SHOULD have put a little heat shrink, not for insulation, but for strength. FYI: although my unit is many years old. my local (USA) Bose store will replace with refurb for $120.
Hi, i had the same problem that told "RKEW" , the cable wich have to make contact with the negative polo where is the battery is not making contact, because the cable is very short. I opened all the headphone and i saw others cables thats are going to break.... i cant belive it because i paid 300 dollars for this.

The power light on my Bose QC15 headphones went out after many hours of use of an AAA battery. I just figured it was time to change the battery. I had a difficult time removing the battery and finally had to pull it out with needle nose pliers. When I put in a new battery, the power light would not come on. After reading some posts here, I tried to clean the battery casing with a dry Q tip, then water, and then 40% ethanol without success. Then I rubbed the casing thoroughly with the eraser of a new no. 2 pencil, blew out the interior with a compressed air canister and presto!, the power light came on.

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