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I need help with fixing my big blue party ..rattling subwoofer

I need help with fixing my big blue party ..rattling subwoofer

I'm trying to fix my big blue party because the subwoofer has a loud rattlign sound when the bass hits ..so I decided to take it apart to see if the subwoofer is damamged but when I take the subwoofer out the enclosure it sounds perfectly fine so I put it back and the same noise . I took out the passive radiator and put back the subwoofer and it sounds perfect with no rattlign noise but there is no bass at all know due to the enclosure being open ..I'm trying o fix it but there is nothing to show why the subwoofer should be making that noise when the radiator is in ...and btw the radiator has no damge either but when they both are put into the speaker the subwoofer sounds like if it is busted Soo please someone help me


"Running the subwoofer outside of the cabinet may not show the problem because there is no ""back pressure"" applied to it. From your description I would look at the surround (foam ring on the outside) and look for cracks or splits. Also, at the bottom of the cone (from the side) there should be a circular support for the cone (called the spider) that may have come loose. Check that too. If neither of those appear to have a problem, then I would suspect that the internal voice coil has a loose wire. This would require a ""reconing"" of the speaker or replacement of the speaker.

If you can find another speaker that will fit, try that at low volume to see if the problem goes away. If so, replace the original speaker with a new on of similar specs. If not, then we need to look at the amplifier that may be sending distorted sound to the speakers that are accurately reproducing what they are being sent.


"It’s been recalled as a fire hazard. See if you can get your money back first:

Brookstone announced the recall of 164,000 wireless speakers because of the risk of fire associated with their lithium-ion batteries.

The affected model is the Big Blue Party, a large indoor-outdoor speaker that was sold by major U.S. retailers and websites from December 2013 through August 2018 for about $200. Consumers should stop using the devices immediately.

Brookstone filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year, complicating the process for consumers to obtain a partial refund.


It turns out my big blue party fell and afterwards the sub was buzzing on heavy base. I used a signal generator app on my smart phone to isolate the noise. In debugging it I also found that removing the sub or the passive radiator eliminated the noise. I tried a replacement sub and the noise issue was still present. So I looked for a physical vibration inside the speaker such as cables, wires,circuit boards or the enclosure itself. After many tries to shore up potential noise sources I realized that there was acoustic energy escaping from outside the driver mounting interface along the edge. I made a gasket out of thin rubber foam and applied it to the mounting surface and then remounted the sub with its 4 screws. Voila, the buzz was gone. The enclosure was now sealed. For some odd reason the impact the enclosure made with the floor seemed to permanently affect the seal the sub makes with the enclosure. This whistling effect is only revealed with high energy low frequency signals.

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