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Jenn Air JMV8208WB0 Humming when door is closed

Jenn Air JMV8208WB0 Humming when door is closed

"Our microwave had this happen about a year ago, we would heat something up and randomly after it is finished and the timer beeps, the hum remains until we open the door. Then we would shut the door and it would hum. I read online it was something with the switches on the door, and slamming the door would fix it. It was true, I slammed the door and the humming stopped and the microwave worked fine for about 1 year. It happened earlier this year and it took me a few times of slamming the door to get it to stop. Just happened yesterday again and it took a LOT of force to slam the door over 10 times to get it to stop humming. Does this sound like a faulty door switch? Its an over the range unit, so there is some grease that finds its way in and around the door cavity that I clean regularly. Maybe grease is causing the door latches or contact points (if there are any) to get stuck?

Note: on this model there are only 2 switches, not 3 like most microwaves."


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