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kenmore that light keep flashing

kenmore that light keep flashing

i have a kenmore that light keep flashing



We really need the full model number (look under the lid or on the back of the machine) to really know what kind of machine you have, but just to get started:

If the Wash light is staying on, that indicates that the machine is taking too long to fill. Check that the water supply valves are both on and there are no kinks in the hoses. If you find the water supply to be good, that may mean you need to replace the fill valves in the machine itself. Don’t worry if you do, it isn’t hard and the part isn’t very expensive (typically $50 or less) and you don’t need a pro to do the job.

If the Spin light is staying on, that suggests the machine is taking too long to drain. Again, a kinked hose might be the whole problem and since it’s free to fix, check that first. If the hose is okay, unplug the machine and check the condition of the hoses leading immediately from the tub to the drain pump, and the operation of the pump itself. Pumps are a bit more costly, typically $150 or less, but again it’s a fairly straightforward remove-and-replace process. This is within the reach of a competent homeowner with basic tools, and again, you don’t need a pro.

Come back with that model number and a comprehensive description of the how the machine is failing, and what lights are on or off, and maybe we can help a bit better."

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