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Logic Board damage due to forcible Rear Panel removal.

Logic Board damage due to forcible Rear Panel removal.
You know how your supposed to GENTLY remove the rear panel, swing it over, and THEN remove the socket connecting the headphone jack board and the logic board?



Unfortunately, just throwing a blob or two of solder wick on there wouldn't work. you would need to solder each individual pin down precisely. Thats 10 points, to be exact. If you just throw a blob on there, then there will be shorting due to all the contacts sharing the same point of conduction.

The easier thing to do is to just purchase a new logic board for your device. Unfortunately it looks like iFixit is out of stock (4th Gen Logic Board), but I do know that Rapid Repair has them in stock (4th Gen Logic Board).

Assuming the unit is still open, you will just need to unplug the LCD, Battery, and click wheel ribbons and then remove the 6 screws to get your board out.

I hope that this helps."
how do i open the ipod and with what tool

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