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made a loud pop and now no sound or picture?

made a loud pop and now no sound or picture?

I would like to bump this as the same thing happened to me. I’m attaching photos.


"nemaizels  we don’t bump on here. iFixit allows anybody to ask their own question ;-). First, you need to measure the fuses on your power board. With the TV unplugged, check the fuses for continuity. If they do, then with your TV plugged in measure the fuse and see if you have some AC voltage on it. Careful so you do not get zapped. Before we go to deep into this, let us know if you have a meter and have some basic knowledge about testing components. If not you’ll need to be willing to learn ;-)

Also. some good clear picture of your boards and the connectors will help. The parts that are mounted against the aluminium heatsinks are best photographed from the side so we can see if they look damaged. Vizio is not DIY friendly and do not offer any schematics etc. So this may take a bit of effort on all our parts to help you out."

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