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Microwave seems to come on, but only heats occasionally?

Microwave seems to come on, but only heats occasionally?

I have a Kitchenaid Microwave KEMS378GSS0. So the lights on, the fan's running, and the carousel is turning, but only intermittent heating. Before you jump in with the magnetron needs replacing, please read on. The thing is, I've found pushing on the door handle or a light 'thump', is usually enough to start the microwave heating when it's not (or stop it sometimes, if it was heating.) There's a noticeable 'thrum' (noise of some electrical part engaging) when that happens, even after the microwave has already started. I figure it's either a bad sensor or a mechanical issue like a loose connection or bad switch... but I was hoping to narrow it down before pulling out and apart our 8 year old built-in combination microwave & oven.


"Most of us won't work on these because they can kill you. The consensus seems to be to chunk it and get a new one.

FYI - Here's how to discharge one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzQm59tV..."

It must be frustrating when you have to answer your own question. My microwave, after working for 10 years, suddenly seems weak. It takes 4 minutes to get 1/2 cup water from cool to lukewarm! All i want to know is if the fact that it still sort of heats (barely) means that the diode and magnetron are ok and the problem is elsewhere?

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