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Microwave when door is shut is turning on by itself without me asking

Microwave when door is shut is turning on by itself without me asking

My Kenmore under cabinet microwave is not working properly. I reset clock and when I shut door I hear a humming noise? I put a glass full of water in it and after 10 seconds or so I open door and water is boiling? I never turned on microwave but when I shut door seems to run automatic? I had to unplug it for safety reasons


"Hi @mycatginger ,

My initial thought is the control board only because if it was the control pad, then, to my mind, the light, fan and turntable would also operate because the control pad doesn't control these functions. (don't know your model so maybe the light but not the others). It just sets up the control board and the start button sets it going. If it was the start button on the Control pad for example then I'd assume that 'all' the functions, light, fan turntable would work, when they shouldn't.

This all may be a moot point as I cannot find your model number listed in any of the Kenmore appliance spare parts suppliers available online. Neither SearsPartsDirect or AppliancePartsPros or RepairClinic recognize the model number even though the model number is correct as I found the User Guide for it. You could try calling them to see if they do have parts but they are not listed etc, or whether they know or not that the model is no longer supported for spare parts

It may be that there is a relay on the control board that supplies power to the magnetron and its contacts are stuck operated I don't know as I cannot find a schematic for the oven, (there isn't one on the inside of the oven cabinet is there?) so this is only conjecture"

@mycatginger , John , I suspect the problem is a stuck or shorted keypad/control board as mentioned by jayeff, at almost 10 years old it may be time to consider replacing, as other parts may start to also fail and if you shop diligently you may get a good deal on new. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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