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My 4th Gen iPod likes syncing with Mac, hates Syncing with Windows?

My 4th Gen iPod likes syncing with Mac, hates Syncing with Windows?
Hello, I have a 40gb iPod 4, it is a 40gb model and I have what seems to me like a very weird problem. I bought it recently and it came with about 4000 songs. Out of them. There was maybe 10 that were okay. So I went and restored it with my Windows PC and it reset just fine. Went to sync, and about 16 out of ~1850 songs in. It would freeze and tell me it couldn't sync. I tried a few times and it did the same thing. So I reset it again. Same result. Then out of curiosity I fired up my 2007 MacBook and reset the iPod and it put all the songs on there just fine. So I went back to the PC, and again would not sync. It kept getting stuck. Do the 4th gens prefer Mac? Is there something I'm missing? It's my first time playing with this and the even when I was using the Mac, it was formatted for Windows. This one is just confusing.


"iPods that are formatted in Windows tend to prefer Windows computers and vice versa for iPods formatted on macOS in my personal experience.

I have a iPod 1st gen formatted in Windows (WinPod) and an iPod mini 1st gen formatted on macOS (MacPod).

My original iPod syncs much faster and cooperates with my MacBook Pro running Windows then it does with my MacBook Pro running macOS Mojave and vice versa for my iPod mini.

You aren’t alone on this, I have the same struggle at times too."

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