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My sound keeps cutting in and out on my television

My sound keeps cutting in and out on my television

The sound is getting really bad it cuts in and out all the time


"just try changing hdmi cable

if its still the same then try one of this kind

usb to aux converter

and add external speakers if you dont want to get your hands to get dirty

or else open tour tv and find replacement of the speakers"

I have the same loss of audio on my lg cx oled tv with a denon avr-x3700h. Both units are brand new. All of my hdmi cables are new high speed . Everyone having this issue including me seems to be able to fix it with a hard reset “ unplugging “ the components. This fix is only temporary the problem comes back sometimes in a day or maybe it takes a couple of weeks. I believe there is a hardware or firmware bug with the hdmi ARC and eARC boards in these components. I know this doesn't help anyone out but this is what I believe is happening. Im going to contact the manufacturer of the components . If I have any luck ill post it here.

There’s not much info to go on with your question, but given that the Logitech Review is mentioned…

We had not had this new T.V. very long, and the sound was cutting out. We had a sound bar, and we figured out that was the problem.

I have a year old un75 Samsung that the sound started cutting out on just about the one year mark. Cuts out on my bluetooth headphones. I tried everything suggested but what worked is disabling my iPhone bluetooth BEFORE I connected my headphones. The iPhone kept trying to connect and the headphones would cut out.

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