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My TV won't turn on

My TV won't turn on

It clicks like it's going to turn on then it turns right back off


"REF: https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf7/148/14...

The above link is the service manual for your TV. On page 1, the very first paragraph, highlighted in yellow, it describes a scenario where the power LED turns on for 10-20 seconds, then turns off for 1-2 seconds and keeps repeating. If your light is coming on and off repeatedly, then it is most likely IC5750A. Use page 1, to determine the correct part number. Though, I would try uplugging the TV for 30-60 minutes and plugging back in, to see if the TV would reset before looking at any particular part replacement.

However, if the light is not repeating, go to page 5, of the service manual, and follow the steps for checking the power failure circuit. Also, look at page 33, for the NO POWER troubleshooting flowchart.

From personal experience, a bad electrolytic capacitor in the power board is the typical culprit. Just look for burned capacitors. Here is an example of what to look for: http://www.yggenyk.dk/wiki/Burned_and_Le...

WARNING: The capacitors on TVs can hold very dangerous charges for long periods of time, and will need to be discharged before working on them. If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, hire a professional."

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