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New Battery: Why is the"Very low battery sign"still on after charging?

New Battery: Why is the"Very low battery sign"still on after charging?

Hi I just purchased a new battery and front along with a click wheel for my ipod video from Ifixit. I have followed the instructions but once done I get the following 3 screens:


"I had the exact same issues. I disassembled my ipod, rechecked all the connections and still ended up with nothing I ended up replacing the motherboard. That did the trick. Apparently there are some issues with the charging circuit on these boards. It is also possible that it won't charge because it doesn't have enough juice to start charging so it just continously resets itself. You need to have it hooked up to your computer in 'disk mode'.

1. Take your iPod and plug it in to your USB port.

2. Hold down the select [center button] and the play button.

Use a USB port that comes directly of the motherboard. Do not use a frontport or a hub when you connect your iPod. It might have to update your library but you shouldn't lose all your music."

I was thinking that too, as a second battery was provided but it still does not work. I am at the point where it is beyond my ability and will send it to some place to have it fixed.

I have the exactly same problem :(

No I need to buy a new logic board for it I think.

If you replaced the battery and are now seeing this error, the 'new' battery may not actually be new, if it was sitting in a warehouse for years the battery would have gone completely flat and the lithium went bad.

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