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new battery won't take a charge.

new battery won't take a charge.

I replaced 30g video ipod battery. Seemed pretty simple. New battery worked fine until factory charge was used up. Hooked up to charger. Screen showed 'charging' image for over 10 hours and never changed to 'charged'. Battery did not accept any charge and is at lowest amount of charge just enough to try to boot but goes dead before boot up complete. What to do?


Of course make sure that you do have a good battery. Sometimes even a "new" one is not working. I have had trouble with the connector on the logic board. Make sure the connection is made and make sure the connector is still properly on the mother board. I've had a couple of logic boards that developed an issue with the charging circuit and the only thing I could do was replace the logic board. Again check your connection, your dock connector and your logic board. Hope this helps.

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