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No Buttons Work on the Control Panel?

No Buttons Work on the Control Panel?

My control panel is saying "Set clock" but none of my buttons will work. I took it off so I could clean it really good and when i Hooked it up the control Panel started say to set the clock but no buttons will do anything., I unhooked it again and tried but it did the same thing. I unplugged it for a while then replugged but the same thing. When I took it apart the first time I forgot to unplug it first so, did that do something to it? It shouldn't have. I didn't get anything wet . I'm Baffled...PLEASE HELP


the general agreement amongst ifixit members is to throw it away. Any repair attempts aren't worth the potential damage to yourself or your home should you try it. Microwaves are cheap to replace (ish)

"I know this thread is old but in the case anyone comes a across this issue like I did, I found the easiest solution was to just send it to applianceboardrepair and have them repair it. Might just be a better option for some people when they're unable to repair it themselves rather than throwing it away.

Just my 2 cents"

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