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No power getting to microwave.

No power getting to microwave.

microwave stopped operating and display went blank. Unable to get it to work. AC outlet is working fine,tried unplugging unit and re-plugging unit with no response,display totally blacked out, wondering if it's power cord,how can I evaluate this problem?


"you could check the fuses on the power cord..but even if they have blown I'd still throw this away... the fuse blew for a reason!

microwaves are cheap, and repairing them seems to be something that none of us here are willing to undertake....the risk to you is too great!"

"If you have a bit of electrical know how, my dads microwave did the same thing and the fuses kept blowing. There is a power unit inside that had a 4 bridge rectifier. The rectifier is heavy duty and capable of carrying about 20 amps at 120 volts. Beware: there are also very large capacitors that can kill which remain charged even after the power has been disconnected.

To make a long story short, I bought a new (but different shape) rectifier and made a new mounting hole in the heat sink and ran some wires from it to the circuit board. To test the power supply check for continuity at the ac input terminals of the power supply. If shorted check the rectifier on the terminals marked ~. if shorted un-solder it from the board and find a replacement."

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