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Possible Dead T con board? or is it the Screen?

Possible Dead T con board? or is it the Screen?

Hey Guys,


@joel_h this does not look like a typical T-con board error. This appears more of a video processor error and could originate on your main board. Check that board and see if you notice any obvious damage and check all your cables to ensure they are not tore and are properly seated. After that I'd start by replacing the main board (get it from a place where you can return it in case it is not the fault)

If it recomends a specific model it will only work on that one. If it’s recommended for various models then you ca alternate. Sizes of screen will defer on boards to be used.

I have SamsungUN60ES 7100, with intermittent vertical lines, see picture, is this a T-con board? I already checked all ribbon cables inside may do it again

Yes replace tcon board and it should solve your problem.

%#*@, just this evening my LG LED TV turned black screen. The sound goes on but the screen is black. But in the dark of the room I see flashes of TV light go on and off at intervals.

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