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Replaced a faulty battery, now it won't charge?

Replaced a faulty battery, now it won't charge?

The short version: After replacing my battery on an iPod 5G/Video (30Gb) which had a possible logicboard fault too the iPod is now completely dead.


Plenty of opportunities here :-) First thing I would try is to reinstall your old battery just to see if that makes a difference. There is always a possibility that your new battery is bad. Second thing I try is to take a multimeter and check the dock connector on your logic board for proper voltage. With your iPod plugged into a usb power source check pin 16 (-) and pin 25 (+) for 5 volts. If not, make sure you do not have any bend or corroded pins on the dock connector. Use the same multimeter and measure for voltage on your battery connector. Be careful, the clip that locks the cable in place needs to be pulled "gently" STRAIGHT UP. that beast has a tendency of breaking of the logic board if any kind of sideways force is applied. Trust me on that one, have a couple of busted logic boards in front of me:-) the voltage there should be around 3.3V your iPod battery will not charge if below 2.7-2.3V but you could try a firewire charger (that is the way I do it) to give it some extra oomph and see if it charges. the busted upper right of the chassis should not affect the logic board, but a good visual inspection might be in order as well. Also, with having replaced all those parts, make sure that all your connections are properly seated and that the clips are properly closed to hold the cables in place. Worst case scenario, with all the parts you already replaced, would be to get a new logic board. I replace those quite often since I do get the ones with the broken battery connector :-) anywhere from $38 to $70. Don't give up yet, those iPods are great to have and I prefer my 5th gen over my touch...:-) Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

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