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Says cooking but not turning on

Says cooking but not turning on

I have the above the oven combo kitchenaid microwave. After hitting the start button it says “cooking” but nothing happens. I replaced all three door switches and checked the magnetron (15-20 ohms). Is the magnetron the issues or something else? This would happen rarely but now it has completely stopped working but again, just says “cooking”.


"John Fagan

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It seems to be pretty dangerous because of the voltage, I’d better get it fixed somewhere else, not in my own house. To tll you the truth, when something is broken in my house, especially kithcen(I realize that it's probably the most dangerous place in the house because of the number of electric appliances situated there), I throw it away immediately. Besides, not long ago my gas grill almost got "BOOM", so I changed it for Wood Pellet Grill by REC TEC Grills owing to the well fed blog, which is the most reliable source when it comes to various recipes and kithcen appliances.

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