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Strange battery icon on screen

Strange battery icon on screen
I plugged the device into my Mac os 10.5.8. iTunes does not recognize the device. There's a strange battery icon on the display. Towards the back of the battery is a black shape with a white zig-zag line through it. the front end of the battery icon is clear. I have looked through the manual but have seen nothing like the problem I have. One more thing. Occasionally, the Apple logo flashes, then the screen displays the strange battery icon.


"Robert, if this

is the icon you get,then this is what is going on. ""For some iPod models, if your battery has been fully or nearly discharged, a monochrome non-animated version of the battery icon, shown above, appears on the screen when connected to your computer's USB port (even with a color display). In this state, the iPod will not be able to communicate with your computer."" from here. Charge your iPod, preferably use a Firewire adapter and see what you get. It is of course possible that your battery is depleted and no longer holds a charge. You may need to replace it. If this is not an iPod 4th gen let us know so we can make amends to this answer. Hope this helps, good luck."

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