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Upgrade 5th gen. classic with 6th gen. logic board?

Upgrade 5th gen. classic with 6th gen. logic board?

Wife's Ipod has audio problem. Discovered it is the logic board. Can I use a 6th gen. logic board with her 5th gen. parts and case.


Cory, check the following answers to see what is involved with that upgrading hard drive from 30 GB to 80 GB and Upgrading the 30gig drive to a 120 gig thin 5mm and last but not least Parts interchangeble with 5gen iPod? so as you can see there is lots of information on here and it should help you to reach a decision. There are also plenty of options to get the 5th gen logic board relatively inexpensive and then you will not have any difficulty with compatibility. Good Luck


Just to sum it up, if you were to order a 6th Generation logic board and install it in your iPod 5th generation, it will not work.

- The models use two different LCD screens. In addition, the ribbon and connectors our shifted sideways by millimeters.

- The clickwheel circuitry are different and can't be interchanged.

- The midframe that supports the LCD and logic board is different. The 6th gen has a deeper recess in it's frame. This will hender the click wheel buttons almost unusable. It is possible to adhere something on the logic board to compensate for the added depth, but it can be a paid in the butt to do.

I hope that this helps."

i took a look at both logic boards, my guess is no because the placement of the chipsets are different from both models.

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