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Washer won't go past agitate cycle.

Washer won't go past agitate cycle.

The Kennore 90 plus series washer I have doesn't go past the agitating part of the cycle. It fills and starts the washing cycle just fine, but it stops after and doesn't drain and proceed to the rinse/spin cycle. If I manually advance it to the rinse/spin cycle it will continue to work. There is nothing clogging the drain and there is continuity in the lid switch. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.



Just wondering as I do not know your particular washing machine, do you have the option of trying different washing cycles, i.e delicates / perm press / normal etc. by the position on the washer timer switch?

If it is only failing on the one type of cycle, e.g. normal but not on delicates etc, then I suspect that the problem may be in the washer timer switch.

As the timer is quite expensive perhaps you may be able to prove it is faulty by removing the timer from the washer, (there are videos online showing how to do this), and then using an Ohmmeter to prove continuity through the contacts as you manually step the timer around. I cannot find a circuit diagram for the timer so it will have to be by trial and error to find the correct connections to place the Ohmmeter across but no doubt there will be some sort of sequence emerging as you test between sets of connections and moving the dial.

If you do prove it to be a faulty timer unfortunately they are irreparable and you will have to replace it.

Here is a link to a replacement timer for your washer.


Here is a link to all the parts available for your washer and also a troubleshooting guide which may be of some help if the problem is not in the timer.


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