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What is wrong with this thing? Battery?

What is wrong with this thing? Battery?
Every once in a while, my ipod will start acting weird. The song will start skipping parts as though I am hitting the fast forward arrow, and it takes me forever to get it to stop. After a few tries, I am usually able to get it to restart. When I do, the contrast goes very very dim and I have to reset it. Plus the battery gets like half drained. Sometimes it doesn't do it for months, others it does it a couple times in a row. But really it is pretty rare. Also I am getting about 2 hours of battery life from it lately.. And the battery was replaced in April. Is that average? I use it typically about three hours a day. Is the battery just getting worn out already? Thanks for any answers :) By the way, I know I should get a new one, I just like this one, and I am really kind of curious as to why it does this.


well since it's a new battery, and the first one lasted 7 years, I doubt that's the issue. I'd sooner point my finger at that hard drive; if you move the iPod often over the past almost-decade while it's on that will definitely cut into the life of the drive. it's replaceable though, very easily. I worked on a 3rd gen last week replacing the logic before and never before have I found an iPod so easy to work on!

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