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Where do you find spare batteries for Galaxy Buds Plus?

Where do you find spare batteries for Galaxy Buds Plus?

So I know that I can find a replacement battery for the galaxy buds on your website but what about the plus models? Also why Is there no information regarding the galaxy buds plus on your website? I know you have a YouTube video on the buds but I would like to see some work done on the website side of things.


"I can confirm from opening up my galaxy buds+ that the battery is NOT the same as those sold for the regular galaxy buds. The + instead use an EVE branded rechargeable battery which is bigger in diameter than those of for the regular. I found and linked replacements from AliExpress. Despite them being listed as 60mAh, the description below list them as 85~90mAH so I'm confident these are the ones.

US $9.99 | 1PCS ICR1454S ICR1454 CP1454 V1.0 battery capacity 60mAh Bluetooth headset smart bracelet smart wear


Hi Bro, were you able to find spare batteries for it? i also have the same problem.

Nope, i never could.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but galaxy buds+ are 90-95% the same as the previous galaxy buds.

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