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Why are my beats only paring up and working while charging?

Why are my beats only paring up and working while charging?
The beats will only work if they are connected to a power source, the Aux cable works perfect, but whenever i want to try the wireless mode it wont work, for example :


My only works when it’s charging but when it is not charging it doesn’t even turn when battery is 100 percent and I got them today
Unfortunately, this also applies to me. My Bluetooth headphones only turns on /connects to my iPhone when the headphones is charging. If I disconnect the charger from my headphones, it will turn off automatically. WTF?! Why this happens? I never have this problem before. This REALLY REALLY REALLY ticks me off. Someone better have a better explanation for this.
Super weird, had this same issue. I’ve had mine for a while now and I use them for probably 2-4 hours a day, whether it being at the gym, doing yard work, or even running in the rain lol.. yesterday it was drizzling outside and I was having a football catch outside with them on. I went inside and they wouldn’t work right, and wouldn’t turn on at all unless plugged in with the charger.. I tried basically all the methods and nothing worked for resetting them, so I just simply tried using an aux wire instead (3.5mm jack) and they worked fine after! They turn on flawlessly and connect wirelessly with ease. Hope this helps!

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