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Why is my iPod causing my computer to turn off?

Why is my iPod causing my computer to turn off?

My iPod causes my computer to restart every time i plug it in so i cant add musik or anything....


I used to have this problem with my old AMD PC. It appeared to short out something on the board whenever it was connected. In the end, replacing the entire computer did the trick :) You might not have the same problem, since that was a very unstable motherboard, but check and see if the USB port is bad. Also, have you installed itunes? it provides the windows drivers for iPods, so they can be used.

This sounds like a USB power problem to me. Try unplugging all your other USB devices. Start up with just the iPod plugged in. Also try with the computer already booted and no other USB devices. Do you have a USB 1 or 2 card? I'm assuming you are on a PC. You may need to replace your USB card to a better USB 2.

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