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Why is my remote not powering on?

Why is my remote not powering on?

Whenever I try to turn the device on, the device simply will not turn on. This issue is apparent even though the charging station is working just fine.


There could be a number of reasons for why your remote will not power on, first try to see if the charger is plugged in and working. If the charger is working and the remote is still not turning on then you might have a dead battery that is in need of replacement. Refer to the guide on how to replaced your potentially dead battery. If that is not the problem it could be loose wiring in your device from the accumulation of drop and mishandling of the device or dust that could also interfere with the device not turning. To check wiring issues refer to the guide, it will provide a detailed explanation of how to check for wiring issue and how to fix the problem.

The remote control is not working on my Goodman sterio the batteries had corroded inside the handset could it be replaced with a new one thanks

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