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Won't spin in spin cycle. How to repair?

Won't spin in spin cycle. How to repair?

Kenmore washer model 110. 92273100


"I found the following on Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Troubleshooting page. You mention that your washer will not spin on the spin cycle. Does it agitate your clothes at all?

Washer does not spin/agitate

""There is a strange noise and click when you turn on your washing machine, and the washing machine will not spin when you try to wash clothes.""

Broken drive belt

If your drive belt is broken, the motor cannot turn the tub. You will need to replace the drive belt using our drive belt installation guide.

Bad tub motor

If your motor is not working, you will have to replace it. Make sure the washing machine is unplugged from the electrical outlet. To replace your motor, see our motor installation guide."

motor coupler is broke. about a $5. part and 10 minutes, see: REPAIR CLINIC.COM

Do all washers have a coupler?

Check for loose change trapped under the agitator. Dimes in particular. You may have to tip the washer on its side and rotate the basket by hand to detect them, then gently pry the agitator with a flathead screwdriver to get enough space to release them.

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