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How to swim in Bisaya?


What is the bisaya/cebuano translation of how to swim?


"How to swim?" is translated in bisaya as:

  • "Unsaon paglangoy?" (pronounced as Uhn-sah-uhn pahg lah-nguy).

Example usage in sentence:

  • "Teach me how to swim." Translated in bisaya as "Tudlui ko unsaon paglangoy" (Tuhd-luh-eh kuh uhn-sah-on pahg-lah-ngoy).
  • "Do yo know how to swim?". Translated in bisaya as "Kahibaw ka mulangoy?" (Kah-heh-bao kah muh-lah-nguy?)
  • "You don’t know how to swim". Translated in bisaya as "Di ka kahibaw mulangoy?" (Deh kah kah-heh-bao muh-lah-nguy?)
  • "How to swim backward?" Translated in bisaya s "Unsaon paglangoy patalikod" (Uhn-sah-uhn pahg lah-nguy pah-tah-li-kuhd?.)
  • "I don’t know how to swim". Translated in bisaya as "Di ko kahibaw mulangoy" (Deh koh kah-hih-bao muh-lah-nguy.)
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