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How to Say Goodbye in Bisaya?

The bisaya/cebuano translation of "Goodbye" is "ba-bai" or "bai". You can also say "bye".
Goodbye in Bisaya-Cebuano

You can also say "Goodbye" in Bisaya thru the following variations:
  • "Adto sa ko." (Ad-to sa ko.)
  • "Mulakaw sa ko." (Mu-la-kaw sa ko.)
Examples of saying "bai" (goodbye) in daily conversations with your lover or sweetheart:
  • "Bai, akong palangga!" (Bai a-kong pa-lang-ga). This means "Goodbye, my love".
  • "Bai honey" or "Bye honey."
  • "Bai sweetie" or "Bye sweetie."
  • "Bai cutiepie." or "Bye cutiepie."
Example of saying "Goodbye" in Bisaya with your male friends:
  • "Mu-adto sa ko mga pre." (Mu-adto sa ko ma-nga pre.) This means "Goodbye my comrades/friends".
Example of saying "Goodbye" in Bisaya with your female friends:
  • "Mu-adto sa ko mga inday." (Mu-adto sa ko ma-nga in-day.) This means "Goodbye ladies".

Do you have any English phrases/sentences that you want us to translate in Bisaya or Cebuano? Just tell us in the comment below.

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