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Sinugba Isda (Grilled Fish), Sinugba Atay (Grilled Liver) and Kinilaw Isda (Raw Spiced Fish) with Pictures

Here are are some foods in Cebu that you may surely miss and like very much. It's Cebuano's and Bisaya's favorite foods:

Picture of Sinugba Isda (Grilled Fish)

This is the "Sinugbang Isda". "Sinugba" is cebuano/bisaya translation of grilled. While "Isda" is a cebuano/bisaya translation of fish. It is usually grilled through a burning charcoal called "uling" in cebuano. "Sinugbang Isda" or grilled fish is sprinkled with salt making it more tasty and delicious. Eating the "Sinugbang Isda" is more delicious when it is hot.

Picture of Sinugba Atay (Grilled Liver)

This is the "Sinugbang Atay". "Atay" is a cebuano/bisaya translation of liver. This is actually a liver of a pig. It is also grilled like "Sinugbang Isda" through a burning charcoal or "uling". It's also more tasty when sprinkled with salt and more delicious when served and eaten while hot.

Picture of Kinilaw Isda(Raw Spiced Fish)

This a delicious spicy "Kinilaw Isda". "Kinilaw" is a cebuano/bisaya translation of raw. It is better to make "Kinilaw Isda" or raw spiced fish when the fish or fishes are fresh. How to make "Kinilaw Isda"? It's very easy to make it. Just prepare the spices: "sibuyas-dahunan", "bumbay", "luya" (ginger), "tabon-tabon" (this optional), biasong or lemon, salt, vinegar and "tuba". Be sure to fillet or get those internal organs (heart, liver, intestines and gills) of the fish out. Almost every Cebuanos knows how to make kinilaw. So for specific procedures on how to make "Kinilaw Isda", you can ask those people out there.

To complete the meal, rice is included. So the meal is ready.


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