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How to say 2017 in Tagalog words?

How to say 2017 in Tagalog words is being answered here. Also provided with examples of sentences of how 2017 is used in different ways.

2017 is pronounced in different ways according to its usage:
  • As a year
  • As a regular number
  • As a money
  • As a number use in a Bingo center

How to Say 2017 in Tagalog Words?

If you mean 2017 as a year,

you can say it in Tagalog as "Dos mil diez y siete" (dos mil diecisiete). It's pronounced like a Spanish word.

If you mean it as a regular number,

it's pronounced as "Dalawang libo't labing-pito" (Dah-lah-wahng lih-bot lah-bing-pih-tuh).

If you mean 2017 as a money

it can said as "Dalawang libo at diez y siete".

If you use it in a Bingo Center,

Another way of saying 2017 in Tagalog is "Dos, Zero, Uno, Siete". This manner of saying can be frequently heard in a Bingo center. You can hear the Bingo announcer would say, "numero Dos", "numero Zero", "numero Uno", or "numero Siete".

Example usage in sentences (2017 used as a year)

  • Pinanganak siya sa taong dos mil diez y siete (2017).
  • Nagpagawa sila ng bahay sa taong dos mil diez y siete (2017).
  • Binarali siya sa taong dos mil diez y siete (2017).

Example usage in sentences (2017 used as a regular number):

  • Dalawang libo't labimpito yung student ID number niya.
  • Pang dalawang libo't labimpito yung priority number number na nakuha mo sa Mercury Drug.
  • Dalawang libo't labimpito yung number niya sa listahan ng nakapasa sa exam.

Do you have any English numbers or words that you want us to translate in Tagalog? Just tell us in the comment below. We'll be glad to help you.

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