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Philippine National Bank (PNB) Checking Account: Types, Initial Deposit, Minimum Maintaining Balance, Interest Rate & Dormancy Fee

One of the biggest banks in the Philippines, Philippine National Bank (PNB) offers different types of checking accounts where you can enjoy convenience, payment flexibility and some perks.
PNB has seven (7) types of Checking Accounts and they are:
  1. PNB Budget Checking Account
  2. PNB Regular Checking Account
  3. PNBig Checking Account
  4. PNB Priority One Checking Account
  5. PNB Executive Checking Account
  6. PNB Combo Checking Account
  7. PNB GreenCheck Account
Let's get more details about these checking accounts. How much are the initial deposit, minimum monthly maintaining balance, balance to earn interest, interest rate (per year), penalty for falling below minimum monthly balance (per month), dormancy period and the dormancy fee?

1.  PNB Budget Checking Account

This requires a very low maintaining balance (P2,500). You are allowed to negotiate three (3) checks in a month absolutely free. You can't earn interest in this type of account.

2.  PNB Regular Checking Account

It can be either individual or corporate. Both initial deposit and maintaining balance cost P10,000. It also bears no interest.

3.  PNBig Checking Account

Either individual or corporate. Both initial deposit and maintaining balance cost P20,000. You can earn interest here at a rate of 0.50% (per annum).

4.  PNB Priority One Checking Account

If you have a high net worth, this checking account is recommended for you. Both initial deposit and maintaining balance cost P25,000. You can earn at an interest rate of 0.35% (per annum) and enjoy perks such as dinner gift certificates and travel tickets.

5.  PNB Executive Checking Account

This is also a special type of checking account that comes with a check writing software. A check writing software enables you to print your own checks easily when you run out of checks. Both initial deposit and maintaining balance are very expensive at a cost of P150,000. The interest rate you can earn is 0.50% (per annum).

6.  PNB Combo Checking Account

This is a combination of individual savings account and checking account or a combo of corporate savings account and checking account where funds are auto-funded by your savings account. Both initial deposit and maintaining balance cost P25,000 (for Individual Savings Account) and P50,000 (for Corporate Savings Account). Interest rate is very low at 0.25% (per annum)

7.  PNB GreenCheck Account

This is a special type of checking account where you can issue checks to payees outside the country. Both initial deposit and maintaining balance cost $2,000. You can earn no interest here.

Let's compare all these checking accounts in a table:

Type of Checking AccountAccount AccessInitial DepositMinimum Monthly Maintaining BalanceBalance to Earn InterestInterest Rate (per annum)Penalty for Falling Below Maintaining BalanceDormancy PeriodDormancy Fee
PNB Budget Checking AccountCheckbookP2,500P2,500n/an/aP3001 yearP250
PNB Regular Checking Invidual (Checkbook)P10,000P10,000 n/a n/a P300 1 year P250
Corporate (Checkbook)P10,000P10,000 n/a n/a P500 1 year P250
PNBiG CheckingInvidual (Checkbook) P20,000P20,000 P25,0000.50%P3001 year P250
Corporate (Checkbook) P20,000 P20,000 P50,0000.50% P5001 year P250
PNB Priority One CheckingATM & PassbookP25,000P25,000 P30,0000.35%P3001 year P250
PNB Executive CheckingChecksP150,000P150,000 P150,000 0.50%P5501 yearP500
PNB Combo Checking AccountIndividual Savings Account (Passbook)P25,000P25,000 P25,000 0.25%P3002 yearsP250
Checking Account (Checkbook)NoneNone None None None 1 yearNone
Corporate Savings Account (Passbook)P50,000P50,000 P50,000 0.25%P5002 yearsP250
Checking Account (Checkbook)None None None None None 1 yearNone
PNB GreenCheck AccountCheckbook $2,000$2,000 $5,000 None$20.001 year$10.00

Can you share with us your experience in handling your checking account with PNB? Is it better to acquire a PNB checking account than any other checking account of other banks?

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Vhanne Robles   (23 September 2018 0:45 AM)

Hi po bakit po yung atm account ko ng 0 balance siya maybe mag 2 months na 0 ng huhulugan ko na po close na daw po,bakit po close agad at wala man lang notice na iclose na at sinabi po sa bangko na autimatic daw po sa system. Paano po yun, paano nmn po ddmi ung customer kung gnun ptkaran. Pede nmn po 0 bal. At alm ko po 6 mos.totally close.pero mag 2 mos. Close po agad. Pede nmn po sa ihuhulig ikaltas nlng ung bayd ng ng 0 bal.

Roberto pascual   (13 July 2018 6:48 AM)

How to check account (pdc) online

Jennifer Penoliar   (10 January 2018 2:08 PM)

I would like to apply for a checking account on behalf of my husband for our home loan, what are the procedure and requirements?

jonathan recasio   (22 November 2016 10:03 AM)

how to verify my budget checking account if it still active?

kithmark Javier   (24 September 2016 8:38 PM)

Hello gude evening .how can i check my balance account in budget checking account via online .please reply .

Teresa destura   (09 July 2016 1:29 PM)

Helllo, How can I check my balance account on line my account is budget checking account thanks

Raquel Osbucan   (04 January 2016 4:14 AM)

Kindly check my account.

Jomar Corvera Villamor   (11 June 2015 5:58 PM)

may you update my account number 560962200524

CHARISMA PABATAO   (22 February 2014 4:06 PM)

Hello there, I need a budget checking account for our home loan... what are the requirements??? Thank you. Pls contact me at this no. 09425544069

caroline dimas   (03 February 2014 7:25 PM)

gud eve. What is the dormancy period and how much is the dormancy fee...can you please explain.

editha l.dy   (11 September 2013 1:44 AM)

Hello there, need ko po ng budget checking account para po sa bahay namin... ano po need na requirements??? Slamat po

marivic martinez   (20 August 2013 1:36 PM)

May you update my acoount number 428345500020

Ailene   (19 January 2013 11:49 PM)

What type of checking account is good for a student? What is dormancy period and dormancy fee?

admin   (20 January 2013 7:30 AM)

Ailene, I recommend PNB Budget Checking Account. It has a very low initial deposit and maintaining balance - P2,500 only. Dormancy period is 1 year while the dormancy fee is P250.

Rowena pielago   (14 August 2012 4:21 AM)

hi! how are you? to all. pls. u update my atm card.i ask if ok this my atm card to any country if and case i take a money to any country.thank you..