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Top Banks in Philippines with Largest Number of ATM

ATM or Automated Teller Machines are convenient tools we usually use when we want to withdraw money or inquire balance from our bank accounts. They gradually replace human tellers in banks. It's a technology trend of banking nowadays. As the population grows, so is the number of ATM. We cannot deny the need for ATM is growing to meet the demand of the increasing bank accountholders. That's why banks are putting more ATM's in the Philippines. But have you ever wonder which banks in the Philippines have the highest number of ATM's and who among these top banks in the Philippines have the largest number of ATM?
We listed the banks in the Philippines with the largest number of ATM's as of the 2nd quarter of year 2011. The numbers are based on the published statements of condition of each bank.

ATM Machine
ATM photo

Having 1,680 ATM's, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) have the biggest number of ATM in the Philippines. It seems that BPI is very aggressive marketing their ATM Savings Account type. Another factor that might affect the growing number of BPI ATM's is the fact that when you apply for their ATM account, you can get your ATM Card in an instant (The ATM card is given at the time of your application). Unlike any other banks, you will wait for a week before you can claim your new ATM card.

Among the top 10, Union Bank got the lowest number of ATM, having 221 ATM in the Philippines. These figures increase in time.

Take a look at the table for the complete list:

Top Banks in the Philippines with Largest Number of ATM

Name of Bank
2011 (2nd Quarter)
Number of ATM
1. BPI
2. BDO
3. Metrobank
4. Land Bank
6. China Bank
7. PNB
8. Allied Bank
10. Unionbank


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