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Oten - meaning in Bisaya

Oten is a Bisaya/Cebuano term which means "dick" or "penis".

Oten is pronounced as uh-tin.

Other bisaya terms of "oten" are the following:
Oten meaning in Bisaya
  • Lagay
  • Bolog
  • Kinatawo
  • Boto
Here are sample sentences using the term "oten".
  • Dako kaayo imong oten. (Prounounced as "Dah-kuh kah-ah-yuh eh-mohng uh-tin!"). In English sentence, it means "Your dick is big!"
  • Gamay kaayo kag oten. (Pronounced as "Gah-mai kah-ah-yuh kahg uh-tin"). In English sentence, it means "Your dick is so small!".
  • Padako-a imong oten. (Pronounced as "Pah-dah-kuh-ah eh-mhong uh-tin!"). In English sentence, it means "Get your dick bigger!"

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